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Phottix Indra 500 Battery Pack 5000mAh Li-ion (EU/UK)

Phottix Indra 500 Battery Pack 5000mAh Li-ion (EU/UK)
Phottix Indra 500 Battery Pack 5000mAh Li-ion (EU/UK)
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The Phottix Indra500 5000 mAh Li-ion Battery is compact but offers a lot of power. When used with the Indra500 TTL studio lamp, photographers can perform 360 shots at full power (high speed mode). With its two ports, two Indra500 TTL studio lamps can be powered simultaneously, making it ideal for on-site photography. The LED display displays in real time a visual state on the power of the 5000 mAh battery.

The Li-ion battery can be easily charged, so you don't have to worry about running out of power anymore. The battery has a USB port that makes it easy to charge smartphones or tablets. The Indra battery can also power an external flash mounted on the camera's shoe. With cables compatible with Phottix, Canon, Nikon or Sony flashes, this battery offers very fast charging times and can activate strobe flashes thousands of times before charging. With its two ports, the battery can power two external flashes simultaneously.


  • Battery for Indra500 TTL studio light
  • Compact capacity: 5000 mAh
  • Power two TTL Indra500 studio lights
  • LED display that indicates battery status and remaining energy
  • USB port to charge smartphones/tablets

Package included

Li-ion battery from 5000 mAh Phottix Indra500

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